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Star Trek Sounds

The Original Star Trek is the best off all the Star Trek series. You can make fun of the 60's uniforms and the low-budget special effects, but there is one reason why it is the best, they weren't a bunch of wimps!. Picard should be going around acting in plays and writing poetry instead of being a starship captain. And as for Janeway I'll not talk about her. Ds9 is about a spacestation so who cares? Besides they've gotten way out of hand, Warf has trill-fever, what's going on?!. The point being The Original series is the best and all these other pathetic shows are drowning in its wake. Many of the newer episodes, in fact, are based on the older episodes. The one that is most prominent in my mind is one of the older voyager episode. They had damaged a organism and repaired it. But, in the original series they just killed the stupid piece of space garbage. Also what happened to the comedy . The Original Series always had a comical moment mixed into it. So did TNG until Riker grew that beard and became anal over everything.

I have broken the sounds into groups and sub-groups accordingly.

The Star Trek Intro in two parts:

Shatner voice parts saying "Space the final frontier...."
All the singing and whooshing of the ship

Captain James T. Kirk:

  1. "Go to the Devil!"
  2. "Intruder Alert"
  3. "You mind telling me what this is all about mister"
  4. "Intresting"
  5. "This hearing is now in session"
  6. "Materialization complete Kirk out"
  7. "Captains log supplementary"
  8. Look at what kind of advice Kirks got from his officers!
  9. One of the funny endings "Are you casting me in the role of Satan" Spock: "Why no Capt." Kirk: "Is there anyone on this ship who even remotely resembles Satan" Spock: "I'm not aware of anyone who fits that description"

Mr. Spock:

  1. "Without more facts the decision cannot be made logically.."
  2. "Live Long and Prosper"
  3. "One cannot anticipate the actions of another"
  4. "Fascinating"
  5. "That would seem logical"
  6. "Affirmative"
  7. "Oh thats quite understandable"
  8. "I'm not capable of that emotion"
  9. "Insufficient facts always invite danger"
  10. "Illogical"
  11. "Superior ability breeds superior ambition"
  12. "I am Delighted"
  13. "It's like nothing we've dealt with before"

Dr. McCoy:

  1. "We know what a Klingon is"
  2. "Oh I find that shocking" McCoy being sarcastic
  3. "You wasted your life on command Jim, you could've made a fair psychologist"
  4. "Very Impressive"
  5. "Signed aboard this ship to practice medicine not to have have my atoms scattered across space by this gadget"
  6. McCoy and Spock's mom "It's kind of a fat teddy bear" "A teddy bear!" Spock: "not precisely doctor on Vulcan the teddy bears are real and they have 6 in. fangs."
  7. McCoy, Spock and Kirk in one of the endings "Dr. McCoy I believe you're enjoying this" "indeed I've never seen him look happier" "Shut Up!..shhh!...well what do you know I finally got the last word"
  8. McCoy and Pregnant Lady "You will not touch me in that matter" "Now you listen to me I'll touch you in any way that my professional opinion dictates"

Mr Chekov:

  1. "Not everyone it was a Russian inwention"
  2. "Lies! they want to start a war by pretending we did"
  3. "Just Like Russia" McCoy: "More like the Garden of Eden" Chekov: "Of course doctor Eden was just outside Moscow..."

Mr. Sulu:

  1. "Forward phasers locked and ready to fire sir"
  2. "You'll either leave bloodied or with my blood on your swords"
  3. "Cowards!!"

Mr Scott aka.Scotty:

  1. "Aye Sir"
  2. Amusing clip from Trouble with Tribbles Tribbles hate Klingons and vice-versa

Mr. O'riley pre-Chekov:

  1. "You know what Joes problem was? He wasn't born an Irishman"
  2. "Emergency We need Medics..!"
  3. "Yes Sir"
  4. "Just a little nervous I guess
  5. "Have no fear O'Rileys here and One Irishman is worth 10,000 of you!"
  6. "This is Capt. Kevin Riley of the Spaceship Enterprise"
  7. "I'm sorry, but there'll be No ice cream for you tonight"

Khan from Space Seed:

  1. "My name is Khan sit and entertain me"
  2. "I'm glad you came please do it again"
  3. "It is said that social occasions are merely warfare concealed"
  4. "You abilities do intrigue me, but you are quite honestly inferior"
  5. "Excellent"
  6. "I am surprised by how little man himself has changed.."
  7. "I have 5 times your strength, you are no match for me"
  8. "Yes it appears we will do well in your century"
  9. "We will select a colony planet, one willing to be led by us"
  10. Scott and Kirk inc. "...It is better to rule in hell than to serve in heaven"

Captain Christopher Pike:

  1. "I'm tired of being responsible for 203 lives"
  2. "I'm sorry number 1..." -Picard stole this
  3. "Affirmative on request"
  4. "I don't understand"
  5. "My name is Capt. Christopher Pike of the spacevehicle Enterprise"
  6. "There is a way out of any cage and I'll find it"
  7. "But, it's just a dream"
  8. "Thats very intresting"
  9. "We're in a menagerie a cage"

Misc. characters:

  1. "You are now prisoners of the Klingon empire..."

Sound Effects & Music:

  1. Ending Music
  2. Intercom Hail(Botswain Whistle)
  3. Ship phasers
  4. Turbolift door
  5. Background sound of bridge
  6. Communicator sound

Created by Christopher J. Inman